For the event

World youth day 2019


Panama City has an modern Metro system, a work of the first world that allows to transport daily more than 250,000 people through the capital in a route between north and south, covering 15.8 km in just 28 minutes. For greater comfort, the capital also has the Metro Bus, a modern fleet of buses that run through the main streets and avenues, which includes numerous bus stops that speed connectivity from one point to another. The bus units have comfortable seating, facilities for people with disabilities and air conditioning.

Using any of these urban mobility systems, or the combination of both, pilgrims will be able to go from their places of accommodation to the massive event access points.

Taxi services in the city of Panama have an average cost of $ 3- $ 8 within the capital. If the transportation is provided for tourist purposes, the cost is $ 18.00 per hour.