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World youth day 2019

Visit Panama

Panama is a cosmopolitan, dynamic city where both the modern and traditional unite to create a happy, relaxed and vibrant atmosphere. In love with the Pacific Ocean next to which it was born, Panama City has risen from its shores to the skies displaying extraordinary skyscrapers, many of which are known icons in the entire world.

In Panama, one is accompanied by a sense of freedom. Whenever you like, you can walk or take a stroll, or a bike ride and enjoy the refreshing breeze while contemplating the beauty of the metropolis. The Coastal Beltway is one of the favorite places of all, both Panamanians and tourists meet here to have fun, exercise or just relax. The Amador causeway is another place that is very popular for its spectacular views: on one side you have the Panamanian skyline bordering the sea, and on the other side you can admire the bridge of the Americas, an emblematic structure suspended above the many vessels as they enter the Panama Canal. Take a ride on our trans-isthmian railroad, which was built in 1855; this ride covers 77km between the Pacific and the Caribbean where you will behold the impressive course of the Panama Canal and the exuberant green foliage of the jungle. Truly a memorable moment!

Panama is one of the best destinations for shopping. In its modern shopping malls you will find the most renowned international brands and an incredible variety of products from all over the world. At night, let yourself be seduced by the enchantment of the small bars, spectacular shows and restaurants with excellent cuisine, night clubs and casinos. Don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to return once and again, the happiness in the air is both contagious and addictive!